PDT & PD Update Congress

The Land of Two Lakes welcomes all participants of the  “Photodynamic Therapy and Photodiagnosis Update 2024” conference in Kochel am See.

The beautiful village of Kochel am See (Kochel by the lake) are looking forward to see our friends from all over the world again. At Lake Kochelsee and Lake Walchensee in Upper Bavaria, relaxation and a spirit of adventure are easier to find than practically anywhere else. Aside from the breathtaking mountain landscape and the idyllic lakes themselves, highlights of the climatic health resort in the alpine foothills include the Franz Marc Museum, the Herzogstand cable car, boat trips around Lake Kochelsee and the Kristall thermal spa with lake and mountain views and a location directly on the shores of the Kochelsee, they are among the most modern and most beautiful thermal spa landscapes in Europe. Last but not least our still operating and powering industry monument „Walchenseekraftwerk“ – a hydroelectric power station which celebrates his 100th birthday this year.

While the Kochelsee and Walchensee lakes lure bathers and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds with their turquoise to deep-blue waters, the wonderful mountain landscape makes it very easy for you to discover the nature here, which is still largely unspoiled and protected – such as the extensive moor – or to enjoy a refreshing waterfall (Lainbach Waterfall, 45 min. away from the Heimatbühne).

While or before your stay please contact our fluent english speaking collegues of the Kochel Tourism Board:

Bahnhofstraße 23, D-82431 Kochel am See
Tel. +49 (0) 8851-338, Email: info@kochel.de 



Motorboat tour on lake Kochelsee
During this 90-minute tour, you can enjoy the magnificent view and discover the lake from a new angle. The stops are below the Franz Marc Museum, at the lake promenade, at the Seehotel Grauer Bär, Altjoch/Walchenseekraftwerk and Schlehdorf. June until the end of September, with daily tours; 

You will find all information about the exact trip times and tours at www.motorschifffahrt-kochelsee.de or by phone on Tel. +49 (0) 8851-416

Walchensee Hydroelectric Power Station
The impressive Walchensee power plant is considered to be the cradle of industrial power production in Bavaria. Completed in 1924, it is one of the largest hydropower plants in the world, with a capacity of 124,000 kilowatts. Even today, the annual power generation of around 300 million kilowatt hours makes the plant one of the largest high-pressure pumped in Germany. The unique site in the Bavarian Alpine foothills, the beautiful surroundings and the fascinating facilities draw thousands of visitors a year. In 1983 the Walchensee power plant was declared an industrial monument. The impressive architecture of the information center built into the mountain directly across from the power plant forms a fascinating contrast to the power plant. Modern information technology such as turbine models, interactive touch screen terminals and communication tables provide interesting information about hydropower. Those who want refreshment after visiting the display can go to the bistro or beer garden - right next to the massive pressure pipes.

Visit the information center: Altjoch 21, 82431 Kochel am See
Opening Times: www.uniper.energy/de/walchenseekraftwerk
Tour requests: T +49 (0) 8851-772 25; F +49 (0) 8851-772 98  Email: infozentrum.walchensee@uniper.energy


Franz Marc Museum / art from the 20th century
A multi-faceted collection about Franz Marc within the context of 20th century art and many other artists from this period. Changing special exhibitions and a sculpture park (including Tony Cragg, among others).

Franz Marc Park 8-10, 82431 Kochel am See, www.franz-marcmuseum.de ;Tel. +49 (0) 8851-924880; Opening times: April to October: Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays 10 am – 6 pm; November to-March 10 am - 05 pm.


The Kristall Thermal Spa (Kristall Therme)
in Kochel am See are one of the most beautiful thermal landscapes in Europe and a highlight of the Land of Two Lakes. Covering over 12,000 square metres, the sauna and bathing facilities will pamper you with five different saunas, a hammam, a steam bath, and revitalising leisure pools along with a panoramic view.
Seeweg 2, 82431 Kochel am See, https://kristall-trimini.de/; Tel. +49 (0) 8851-5300


Herzogstand / Cable Car
König Ludwigs II´s favourite mountain. Unmatched panoramic views across the Land of Two Lakes open up during the 4-minute ascent and when you step out of the cable car cabin at lofty 1600 metres above sea level. On the Herzogstand summit, you have bavaria, all the way to Munich, at your feet. To the north, the 360-degree vista sweeps from expansive Bavarian foothills of the Alps across the mountain lakes, Kochelsee and Walchensee. From there it continues to the towering chain of Alps in the south, from the proud summit of the Zugspitze (highest peak in Germany with 2962m) across the Karwendel range far into the Tyrolean mountains. This overwhelming panorama is what made Herzogstand the favourite mountain of " Kini", the nickname of King Ludwig II.

Herzogstand Cable Car
Only the travel times posted at the valley station are valid. Travel times may change due to the weather conditions, the season or other circumstances. 

Herzogstandbahn GmbH, Am Tanneneck 6, 82432 Walchensee, www.herzogstandbahn.de ; Tel. +49 (0) 8858-236

Download Flyer (Please note the ticket prices have changed and are not updated yet)


Glentleiten Open-Air Museum
“Upper Bavaria in one place” could be the motto for southern Bavaria’s largest open-air museum in Großweil. Discover over 70 historic buildings from 5 centuries – from farms to mills to charcoal kilns and its very own brewery.

An der Glentleiten 4, 82439 Großweil,
www.glentleiten.de;  Tel. +49 (0) 8851-1850; Opening times: June to end of September Tue – Sun, 9 am – 6 pm

Walking Trails

Lainbach - Waterfall
A circular route along the bird nature trail to the waterfall. Detour to the “Tiroler Kreuz” lookout point with a fantastic view of the Herzogstand and Kochelsee.

Start: Kochel am See Town Hall
7.5 km elevation gain of 190 m


Kohlleite viewpoint
A nice short walk to Kohlleite meadows where you have a beautiful view around Kochel village and Lake Kochelsee.

Start: Kochel am See Town Hall
3.00 km


Walk through the Loisach-Kochelsee-Moor
An easy circular trail through the Loisach-Kochelsee moor with views of the surrounding mountains. The tour leads through the species-rich bird sanctuary and along the Loisach.

Start: Kochel am See Train - 9 km Round Trip
Station the path first leads towards the center of the village and then right into Friedzaunweg. Follow this path as it bends to the Alte Schmiedgasse, which you follow to the end of the village. The path continues straight ahead along the railroad track and Moorand. Approx. 300m after the small Kochler district of "Ort", which you leave to the right, turn left towards Einödhof Brunnenbach. After this, the path turns left towards Loisach. After approx. 200m you reach the calm river, along the banks of which the path continues to the Loisach bridge in Kochel. There are special views of the moor, which serves as a unique habitat for rare and endangered plant and animal species.  The view often and gladly wanders into the impressive scenery.


Download recreation & sightseeing Local Map

Bicycle rental/service

Boat, rental Kochelsee (3 min walk down from Heimatbühne)
Tel. +49 (0) 8851-416

SUP rental Kochelsee: (5 min walk down from Heimatbühne)
at the Kristall Thermal Spa, Tel. +49 (0) 172-6629727


Guest Card:

We warmly welcome you and wish you a relaxing time at Kochelsee and Walchensee. During your stay with us, you can use your guest card to use numerous services at reduced prices or even for free.

In the Two Lakes Region you are mobile even without your own car. After your arrival, with the Kochelseebahn from Munich or by car, you can discover our wonderful region with the guest card and by bus and train in a more stress-free, environmentally friendly and above all, free of charge way. Simply arrive, leave your car behind and go on a relaxing tour of discovery without having to look for a parking space.

Please find further information here.


The PDT & PD Update Congress Charity Project

Mountain Rescue Station 

For approximately 40 years, the rescue station of the Kochel a. See Mountain Rescue and Water Rescue has been located in the municipal building of the former Seestube on Badstraße. The space for vehicles and rescue equipment is now far from sufficient. Constantly required maneuvering with the vehicles leads to time losses during operations. The necessary operations control room for a mountain rescue station cannot be implemented in the existing premises. Currently, operations management takes place in unheated rooms on beer tables. Cabinets with rescue equipment cannot be opened when the vehicles are in the garage. The personal equipment of the rescue workers must be partly stored in the training room. Lack of heating (room temperatures sometimes below 0°C) and damp masonry lead to damage to equipment and medication. All these problems cannot be solved in the existing building at a reasonable cost. Therefore, the municipality and the mountain rescue team have decided to build a new rescue station. Requirements:

  • Good accessibility and sufficient parking space for the rescue workers
  • Helicopter landing pad in the immediate vicinity
  • Visual connection to the key operational areas Herzogstand and Jochberg
  • Operations control room
  • Sufficient garages for four vehicles and a trailer
  • Adequate storage space for rescue equipment and materials
  • Modern training facilities

The planned location on Badstraße, near the current station, is the optimal site for our new mountain rescue station, considering the requirements mentioned. The building will house the new mountain rescue station (eastern part of the building, approximately 14 x 13 meters) and the Kochel Water Rescue station, creating synergy effects between both rescue organizations. Despite reducing the space program to the currently absolutely necessary, we are well prepared for the future with this plan. This also gives our young volunteers the opportunity to continue their professional and volunteer engagement in mountain rescue. The mountain rescue team does not receive any government grants for construction projects. Therefore, the funds must be raised by the Kochel a. See Mountain Rescue team itself. The mountain rescue team Kochel a. See still needs to raise about €400,000 for construction and expansion. Despite consistent saving in recent years, we cannot fully generate this amount ourselves. Therefore, we must finance the current funding gap of approximately €150,000 through donations!

We kindly ask for your support!

More information: Bergwacht / Mountain Rescue Kochel a. See

Donate on site at the congress or via  Paypal or the official Donation Account. Please name your donation "Wasser- und Bergrettungswache Kochel  or "Mountain and Water Rescue Station Kochel a. See"


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IBAN: DE49 7039 0000 0103 7140 04